Forest Dream Resort / Hotel | Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya, Africa | Luxury Rooms, Suites, Private Cottages, Villas, Holiday, Paradise


Forest Dream Eco Resort - Diani Beach Kenya

Forest Dream Resort sits in a private subtropical forest, located at Diani Beach, Mombasa South coast Kenya. Our luxury resort & hotel is all about finding peace in nature and enjoying home grown food. Our accommodation offers a selective number of rooms, private villas and cottages. Forest Dream is a unique spacious boutique hotel close to the white sandy beaches of East Africa.


Rooms at Diani Beach Hotel & Resort Forest Dream


Swahili Cottages at Diani Beach Hotel & Resort Forest Dream


Villa at Diani Beach Hotel & Resort Forest Dream

25 years of a family run resort in Diani beach

Founder Kees van Velzen came to Diani beach in 1990 after he sold his Hotel business in Portugal to live in the nature paradise of Diani beach in Kenya. He bought a large plot close to the beach in Diani with just 4 trees on it. Since then the family has been working hard to recreate an indigenous forest filled with wildlife where luxury and nature meet....

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