Founder Kees van Velzen came to Diani beach in 1990 after he sold his Hotel business in Portugal to live in the nature paradise of Diani beach in Kenya. He bought a large plot close to the beach in Diani with just 4 trees on it. Since then the family has been working hard to recreate an indigenous forest filled with wildlife where nature and luxury meet.


Our accommodation is inspired by the many natural materials Kenya has to offer and blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Protecting the wildlife in Diani, Kees is a co-founder of the Colobus Trust and designer of the famous monkey-bridges over the Diani road which help saving the endangered monkeys. Monkeys, birds and other wildlife live together in our green paradise. Forest Dream has invested greatly in renewable energy sources like solar power and recycling, creating awareness and cooperation with several NGO's and local communities.

We are proud of all we have achieved and to have been rewarded with the 'Eco-Warrior Award 2012'.