Diani Beach stretches for 17 km along the coast, there is a reef 1 km out at sea which makes sure there are no waves. The water is always around 28 degrees and very clear. Ideal for watersports, diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite boarding...

Our beach is a mere 10 minutes walk through the forest. There are two ways to walk there. One path ends up at the fishermen’s beach where a small group of local fishermen set sail every morning. If you are lucky you might see large sailfish and swordfish being carried on shore. These friendly fishermen are great to go fishing with. Or let them sail you to the beautiful white sand reef and go exploring and snorkling.


Mombasa (40 km)  is a small town with a rich history. Places to visit are the famous fort Jesus, the Old town centre and harbour where African dhows still sail in every day. Great for a day trip.
Funzi Island & Wasini Island (25km) are two quiet islands close to the coast. There you can see the traditional fishing culture and go out sailing to nearby snorkelling spots. 
Shimba Hills wildlife park (30 km) there are many elephants and animals in the forested hills. Great for a day trip.
Ukunda village  is a great place to walk along the busy market place where you can soak up the local culture.

kayakinondo_01OUR FOREST

Nearby is Kaya Kinondo, this is a sacred forest where rituals are still preformed. Great for an afternoon visit. There you can meet the local witch doctor.

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