We have made many ECO changes, to ensure there is no electrical, food and water waste. We have been rated Silver for our accomplishments by EcoTourism Kenya.

  • Using only LED lights

  • Water filtering systems

  • Recycling foods for our eco-farm

  • Recycling water and using solar power for hot water

  • Expanding indigenous forests area for wildlife

  • Sponsoring the local Colobus Trust

  • Building road ladders for endangered monkeys

  • Replanting trees and vegetation

  • Demolishing local forest snares

Forest Dream Farm – growing eco-friendly fruits and vegetables

We established a farm of 10 acres outside the forest where we grow vegetables and fruits. Taste our delicious mango's !

This is where our cook makes his choices for dinner. Having a wide variety of (happy) animals including cows, chicken, ducks and others, giving them all the space they want. We have recently finished a Solar Water Irrigation Sustem on our farm and this will provide all the water we need in the near future. We offer free excursions to our farm for Forest Dream guests!

The Colobus Trust

20 years ago Forest Dream director Kees Van Velzen came upon Diani Beach. He found the wildlife here so fantastic he decided to live here. But unfortunately wild animals around were in the decline, like the endangered Colobus monkey. He set up the Colobus Trust which now has managed to help the population of Colobus monkey to regain strength in their local surroundings.

Expanding the local forest

Forest Dream plays an important role to help the conservation of the indigenous wildlife in Diani Beach to stay as beautiful as it was when we first arrived. We have managed to expand the natural forest grounds around our resort to ensure that birds and monkeys have a place to live in the future.

Sponsoring local education

In Kenya 61.5 % of the population is illiterate! We have decided to help a local school by sponsoring them to ensure that those children will get better chances in life. We believe strongly that only education is the answer to poverty.