The Indian Ocean makes a fantastic place for all sorts of watersports. With abundant
sea life, colourful coral gardens and a warm temperature all year round. We have perfect conditions for wind sports, calm water along the beach, and waves over the reef for adventure seekers. The white coral sands dotted with palm trees makes for amazing tropical scenery to venture out into the ocean. All this at just a mere 10 minute walk from Forest Dream.



Diving in Kenya is an ideal location. Here the Idyllic Indian Ocean provides warm hospitable waters, teaming with marine life. Often on our way to dive sites the boat will slow down to play with a school of friendly dolphins or the gentlest of giants, the whale shark. We offer a variety of different possibilities for experienced divers and beginners. Offering PADI courses: Open Water (for first timers). Advanced & Rescue for divers looking to gain more experience. We have free dives for curious first timers and night dives for experienced divers and many different diving safari’s in a variety of different locations, including wreck diving.

deepseafishing_400wBig game fishing

The Indian Ocean is known to be home of great whale, blue marine, hammer head shark, black marine, sailfish, Dorado and many other types of fish. You will be taken to the deep sea for fishing by a twin engine fishing boat. Most of our fishing boats are fitted with fish finders. This makes it easy to have the possibility to catch fish. The choice is yours, if you happen to catch any fish, you can make arrangements for a grill back in Forest Dream.

localfishing_400wLocal fishiing

A short walk from ForestDream to the beach and their you will find the local fishermen every morning coming and going out to sea. Fishing with local fishermen on their small sailing dhows is a cultural experience. The boats are small uncomfortable and you will get wet. But sailing over the reef and following the seagulls to the big groups of jumping tuna is a fantastic sight. The hand line is dangerous to hold and caching something is unlikely. But being there on the hunt and seeing how close the fishermen get to catching something is very exciting.


Consistent coastal winds ( seasonal- 15th Dec / 15 Feb), combined with unblemished beaches mean the Kenyan coast also boasts perfect conditions for many over-water sports. The shoreline is particularly ideal here for enjoying the adrenaline-pumping excitement of kitesurfing. Kenya’s wide, deserted, white sand beaches are every kitesurfers dream and suit all ability levels. The wind levels even change across the day, blowing ten knots in the morning for beginners and 15-20 knots in the afternoon so the experts can show off their skills. In June and August, the monsoon brings even more challenging conditions.



Diani Beach is a superb location for wind propelled watersports, like wind surfing & kite boarding. There are no waves due to the reef. But professionals can venture out over the reef at their own risk. The wind is perfect during the Kaskazi period, starting from the beginning of December and finishing in the end of February. The wind is a steady 15/20 knots from the North East starting every day around 12:00 noon. The wind comes at a 45 degree angle from the sea.